How to keep your business secure during remote working

With businesses having worked remotely for a while now, it may be time to address data sprawl and other issues that come with working from home. While these techniques can help during lockdown, they are also good practices in everyday work life in the future. New Risks for IT and data security Just as we […]

How smartphone apps and tech can improve wellness for your employees

Your employees are the greatest asset to your business. Therefore, helping to maximise productivity and employee wellbeing when in the workplace is a must. Before we discuss how to implement wellness, it is important to define it. Wellness means to practice healthy habits on a daily basis. How to introduce wellness into your business Wellness […]

How may technology transform the distribution of vaccines in the future?

The transport and storage of vaccines is the biggest dilemma in the world right now, and rightly so. We look at how tech is currently helping the distribution of vaccinations and what it could do in the future! What tech is already doing… Route Planning – Satellite navigation systems allow for ideal route planning which […]

Your IT guide to surviving the lockdown (again)

Another lockdown has left many businesses unable to open their doors for at least a month, but for some, a return to working from home or having reduced members in the office is what the foreseeable future has to hold. . Reliable IT is essential for every business so we’ve compiled a guide on how […]

Why is the NHS Covid-19 app important for your business?

With one million downloads in the first day and more than ten million over the first weekend the new NHS Covid-19 app is clearly being taken seriously, so why is this track and trace technology important to your business? What does the app do? The NHS Covid-19 app will tell you to self-isolate if you […]

Maintaining the integrity of your backup routines

Most companies now have staff working from home so the importance of maintaining the integrity of your backup routines is needed more now than ever before. Data Backups will minimise the risk of losing your company data, which ultimately is vital to the success of your business. If you’re now working from home and usually use a backup drive in the office which is updated each day – please ensure:  You […]

Working remotely during the Coronavirus outbreak

Due to the Coronavirus / Covid-19 outbreak, we have had an influx of enquiries from clients who would like to arrange remote working for their team. This is something we are able to offer support with – however it is important to understand there are right and wrong ways to allow a non-supported business machine to […]