Is it time your business took TikTok seriously?

TikTok has become one of the biggest social media apps in the world in only a few months. More than 850 million people worldwide are said to use it daily while the app has been downloaded in excess of 1.5 billion times. The meteoric rise of TikTok has revolutionised the app as the new home […]

Sportsmanship from England’s cricket team can teach us a thing or two

THE NATION is celebrating England’s triumph in the Cricket World Cup on Sunday.   Whilst New Zealand’s competitive edge wasn’t quite enough for the trophy to be in their hands, the two teams demonstrated excellent sportsmanship which everyone can learn from. We’ve touched on five key areas which not only can be reflected in business, […]

Promoting the importance of technology at networking

We’re big on networking. We’re big on technology too. We love the fact networking provides us with the opportunity to build relationships with a whole multitude of business people. Connecting with other likeminded individuals on a regular basis reminds us of why we do what we do. We’re passionate about aiding the growth of UK […]

Watch: Tech-Talk, Staying safe online

Giles and Samuel discuss what you should look out for on a website to ensure you are safe online.

Google attempts to boost High Street spending

Google set to support local High Streets with new initiative…  A move to increase the number of people spending at High Streets across the country has been given a boost by internet giant Google, according to recent reports. Google has partnered with British start-up business NearSt to support consumers with identifying what is available at […]

Five tips on keeping safe and secure online

Keeping your personal data secure is more important today than it has ever been before…  For many of us, the internet has become our reliable and informative friend. But, it can also be a burden when it is not used safely. Here are 5 points on how to tell if a website is safe, especially for […]


The information age, otherwise known as the digital age, has revolutionised the way in which millions of businesses operate across the globe.  With the development of technology, creating a website to further progress your company is an effective way to win the trust of both new and existing customers. When looking to develop an online […]


It comes as no surprise more than a quarter of the worlds population is using smartphones or their everyday communication.  In fact, many people may be bewildered with the figure, which is forecast to be around 2.5 billion in 2019, as they might have expected the number of those using a handheld personal computer to […]


Internet giant Google has secured several of the largest recruitment services in the UK for a local version of its job-hunting too, it has been announced.  Guardian Jobs, Reed, Haymarket and are among the online recruitment agencies who will provide their job listings to the search engine. Global site LinkedIn has also stated it […]

How to prevent your computer or phone from overheating | 5 tips

With a large percentage of Britain basking in the sunshine to make the most of the heatwave, there has been a notable increase with the number of computers and mobile devices overheating and, occasionally, breaking.  Even though the sunshine may be blissful for a large number of people, it can be problematic for technology. Many […]