Space broadband is coming

The European Commission is targeting a mega-constellation of satellites to offer broadband connectivity in an initial capacity by 2024. The aim of the project is to provide stronger broadband to more remote areas where quick internet is not as readily available, however suggestions have also been made that it could be utilised to power self-driving […]

Is your business telecoms really helping you? Here’s five benefits to great telecoms

Telecoms can be confusing, and it can be difficult to know what you may need and what would could help your business. Great telecoms has enormous benefits and having an excellent telecoms provider can be a huge bonus for your business. #1 – Provides Working Flexibility Having the ability for your workforce to effectively function […]

Telecoms specialist Future Comms Gosport Ltd ceases trading – We’re here to help!

GOSPORT based telecoms specialist Future Comms Ltd has recently ceased trading with hundreds of people affected by the closure. Whilst it is a sad occasion for any business to end its service, we understand it’s important for individuals and companies across Hampshire and the surrounding areas to continue with a reliable service provider. Future Comms […]