How to keep your business secure during remote working

With businesses having worked remotely for a while now, it may be time to address data sprawl and other issues that come with working from home. While these techniques can help during lockdown, they are also good practices in everyday work life in the future. New Risks for IT and data security Just as we […]

Five ways to keep your business IT safe over Christmas

Did you know more hacking takes place over Christmas than at any other time of the year? So much for feeling festive! It’s a scary thought but there are precautions you can take to stop this happening. Ahead of the break, which we all deserve, here’s some things to consider to keep your business technology […]

How Sweden are using data centres to heat cities

Over the last few years Sweden has shown that utilising all aspects of technology can create a greener world. Stockholm Data Parks is an initiative by the City of Stockholm tht was launched in 2017. The idea of this enterprise was to use excess heat produced by data centres to heat Stockholm houses and apartemnts, […]

How to benefit from the Microsoft Learn platform

The new Microsoft Learn Platform looks to the future, giving your staff and team an important edge in today’s crowded digital market. The free online platform will allow employees to acquire in-depth skills across Microsoft platforms from Azure (cloud computing) to Microsoft 365 and Power Platform to Dynamics 365. The task-based achievements motivate employees to […]

Seven advantages technology has on your working life

Our working lives are consumed by technology; it’s everywhere. The positive impact technology has cannot be ignored. Would you be able to fully conduct your role without technology? If so, our guess is it would present its challenges. Reliable technology for your business, whatever its size, is vital if you’re going to maximise efficiency with […]

Work Smarter with Hosted Desktop Solutions

Access your work anywhere with hassle free I.T. all for one affordable monthly payment – not even £50! Affordable. Scalable. Eco-friendly. Transform the way your company uses I.T. today… Every business relies on effective I.T. regardless of its size. There are many benefits to switching your workforce over to a hosted desktop solution from Syn-Star. Mobility The […]

Eight critical things to look for when choosing an I.T. provider?

Your Managed I.T. Services is critical to the success of your business. That’s why we have listed eight areas to consider when choosing an I.T. provider… Imagine your business without I.T… it’s difficult, right? The reliability of your I.T. is essential to support with the daily operations of your business. Whether you are a medium-sized […]

This is the year to invest in your company’s I.T.

Syn-Star understand financial investment in a company’s I.T. is not the most exhilarating of expenses. That’s why we compiled a list on the importance of having computer support for business.  With 2019 in full-swing, many companies will approach January as an opportunity to review their I.T. support. Whether their approach is to find a new […]

The Benefits of Cloud Computing for Business

Eight tips on why cloud computing has a positive impact on businesses – and why they should move away from local on-location servers.  Before we highlight the positive effect cloud computing has on business, it’s important to understand what it actually is. Cloud computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted […]