Challenges of insuring ransomware and how to combat it

A rapid increase to cyber-crimes in the past year has recently led to the debate around ransomware payments by insurers. Some have argued that the guarantees given by insurers to pay these ransoms puts more businesses at risk in the future. Incentivising these crimes only gives more demand to growing cyber crimes and creates more […]

Space broadband is coming

The European Commission is targeting a mega-constellation of satellites to offer broadband connectivity in an initial capacity by 2024. The aim of the project is to provide stronger broadband to more remote areas where quick internet is not as readily available, however suggestions have also been made that it could be utilised to power self-driving […]

Are your team maximising productivity with faster internet?

The huge increase of people working from home, for obvious reasons, means faster home-broadband can have a huge impact on productivity. It is believed that speeds of up to 1Gbps are available in a quarter of homes across the UK as reported by Ofcom (UK average speed in 2019 22Mbps), that’s nearly 8 million UK […]

Four innovations that are moving from Sci-fi to reality!

With technology innovation moving at lightspeed it’s time to look at some of the most terrifyingly futuristic tech coming soon. Here is a list of new tech inventions that you might not have heard about yet! Sound Beaming Speakers First up we have probably the closest bit of tech you can put on next year’s […]

Is your business telecoms really helping you? Here’s five benefits to great telecoms

Telecoms can be confusing, and it can be difficult to know what you may need and what would could help your business. Great telecoms has enormous benefits and having an excellent telecoms provider can be a huge bonus for your business. #1 – Provides Working Flexibility Having the ability for your workforce to effectively function […]

How Sweden are using data centres to heat cities

Over the last few years Sweden has shown that utilising all aspects of technology can create a greener world. Stockholm Data Parks is an initiative by the City of Stockholm tht was launched in 2017. The idea of this enterprise was to use excess heat produced by data centres to heat Stockholm houses and apartemnts, […]

The iPhone 12 is on its way and comes with 5G!

iPhone 12 Apple

Apple have revealed they are making the jump to 5G with the new iPhone 12, which will be released in the UK at the start of November. The tech giant have actually increased handset sales in the last year, going against the trend, and will look to bolster these sales with the additions of the […]

Seven advantages technology has on your working life

Our working lives are consumed by technology; it’s everywhere. The positive impact technology has cannot be ignored. Would you be able to fully conduct your role without technology? If so, our guess is it would present its challenges. Reliable technology for your business, whatever its size, is vital if you’re going to maximise efficiency with […]

What video conferencing software is best for my business?

As the UK continues to be on lockdown, many organisations that remain open for business are taking advantage of video conferencing options to communicate because, well, why wouldn’t you?   From established Microsoft brands such as Teams and Skype, to platforms which had an overnight success like Zoom and Houseparty, consumers are most certainly spoiled for choice when it comes to video-based platforms.  In […]

Working remotely during the Coronavirus outbreak

Due to the Coronavirus / Covid-19 outbreak, we have had an influx of enquiries from clients who would like to arrange remote working for their team. This is something we are able to offer support with – however it is important to understand there are right and wrong ways to allow a non-supported business machine to […]