Challenges of insuring ransomware and how to combat it

A rapid increase to cyber-crimes in the past year has recently led to the debate around ransomware payments by insurers. Some have argued that the guarantees given by insurers to pay these ransoms puts more businesses at risk in the future. Incentivising these crimes only gives more demand to growing cyber crimes and creates more […]

How to keep your business secure during remote working

With businesses having worked remotely for a while now, it may be time to address data sprawl and other issues that come with working from home. While these techniques can help during lockdown, they are also good practices in everyday work life in the future. New Risks for IT and data security Just as we […]

How smartphone apps and tech can improve wellness for your employees

Your employees are the greatest asset to your business. Therefore, helping to maximise productivity and employee wellbeing when in the workplace is a must. Before we discuss how to implement wellness, it is important to define it. Wellness means to practice healthy habits on a daily basis. How to introduce wellness into your business Wellness […]

Space broadband is coming

The European Commission is targeting a mega-constellation of satellites to offer broadband connectivity in an initial capacity by 2024. The aim of the project is to provide stronger broadband to more remote areas where quick internet is not as readily available, however suggestions have also been made that it could be utilised to power self-driving […]

Seven signs that it’s time to replace your business PC

It is difficult to pinpoint the exact moment to replace a slowing or ageing business PC and many factors have to be considered before replacing one. There comes a point where slow PCs can begin to cost a business time and money, therefore being able to know when to be out with old and in […]

Are your team maximising productivity with faster internet?

The huge increase of people working from home, for obvious reasons, means faster home-broadband can have a huge impact on productivity. It is believed that speeds of up to 1Gbps are available in a quarter of homes across the UK as reported by Ofcom (UK average speed in 2019 22Mbps), that’s nearly 8 million UK […]

Five ways to keep your business IT safe over Christmas

Did you know more hacking takes place over Christmas than at any other time of the year? So much for feeling festive! It’s a scary thought but there are precautions you can take to stop this happening. Ahead of the break, which we all deserve, here’s some things to consider to keep your business technology […]

How may technology transform the distribution of vaccines in the future?

The transport and storage of vaccines is the biggest dilemma in the world right now, and rightly so. We look at how tech is currently helping the distribution of vaccinations and what it could do in the future! What tech is already doing… Route Planning – Satellite navigation systems allow for ideal route planning which […]

Your IT guide to surviving the lockdown (again)

Another lockdown has left many businesses unable to open their doors for at least a month, but for some, a return to working from home or having reduced members in the office is what the foreseeable future has to hold. . Reliable IT is essential for every business so we’ve compiled a guide on how […]

Is your business telecoms really helping you? Here’s five benefits to great telecoms

Telecoms can be confusing, and it can be difficult to know what you may need and what would could help your business. Great telecoms has enormous benefits and having an excellent telecoms provider can be a huge bonus for your business. #1 – Provides Working Flexibility Having the ability for your workforce to effectively function […]