How smartphone apps and tech can improve wellness for your employees

Your employees are the greatest asset to your business. Therefore, helping to maximise productivity and employee wellbeing when in the workplace is a must. Before we discuss how to implement wellness, it is important to define it. Wellness means to practice healthy habits on a daily basis. How to introduce wellness into your business Wellness […]

Seven signs that it’s time to replace your business PC

It is difficult to pinpoint the exact moment to replace a slowing or ageing business PC and many factors have to be considered before replacing one. There comes a point where slow PCs can begin to cost a business time and money, therefore being able to know when to be out with old and in […]

Five ways to keep your business IT safe over Christmas

Did you know more hacking takes place over Christmas than at any other time of the year? So much for feeling festive! It’s a scary thought but there are precautions you can take to stop this happening. Ahead of the break, which we all deserve, here’s some things to consider to keep your business technology […]

Your IT guide to surviving the lockdown (again)

Another lockdown has left many businesses unable to open their doors for at least a month, but for some, a return to working from home or having reduced members in the office is what the foreseeable future has to hold. . Reliable IT is essential for every business so we’ve compiled a guide on how […]

How Sweden are using data centres to heat cities

Over the last few years Sweden has shown that utilising all aspects of technology can create a greener world. Stockholm Data Parks is an initiative by the City of Stockholm tht was launched in 2017. The idea of this enterprise was to use excess heat produced by data centres to heat Stockholm houses and apartemnts, […]

Why is it important to update business technology?

Manual updates are time consuming, boring and ultimately pretty annoying. But take it from us, they are very important, so here are five reasons you need to keep your IT updated. #1 Security Keeping your devices secure is essential for your business. At Syn-Star, we know how important it is to keep your information safe […]

Tips on dealing with data sprawl within an organisation

Data is important for any organisation – whatever its size. So what is data sprawl, and how can it be prevented in your organisation? Data sprawl is the large amount of varying data, from across departments, produced by a company every day. Typically, this is due to the increase of mobile apps, different storage systems, […]

Maintaining the integrity of your backup routines

Most companies now have staff working from home so the importance of maintaining the integrity of your backup routines is needed more now than ever before. Data Backups will minimise the risk of losing your company data, which ultimately is vital to the success of your business. If you’re now working from home and usually use a backup drive in the office which is updated each day – please ensure:  You […]

Is your business ready for a power outage?

Uninterrupted Power Supplies are a simple solution for when power outages happen.

It’s time to think about protecting yourself from power outages.  Even though power cuts are not very common, power spikes are. Whilst there has been a slight decrease in power outages in the last 12 months – compared to 2017 – the number of people actually effected in recent months has skyrocketed, according to reports […]

Let’s get this straight, technology should not hinder your business

We’re fully aware you don’t need to be an I.T. expert to understand how important it is to have reliable technology for your business.  Technology should help the growth of your business; especially when it is managed efficiently.  So here’s five simple points to help you understand why there is value behind your I.T, and […]